Diana's European Skincare

Diana's European Skin Care opened their doors in 1992 as a boutique facility that offers the latest skin care procedures. Diana and her staff pride themselves on making each client have a personalized experience with visible results.

Normal Skin

Lithe, smooth and tender
Fine pores
Comedones on face occasionally
Balanced skin pH

Combination Skin

Open pores
Comedones, blackheades and acne breakout at T-zone
Fine lines and tightness on skin
High temperature and redness

Oily Skin

Appear to be oily, “dirty” and sticky
Thick and coarse texture
Open pores
Clogged pores with blackheads and pus

Dry Skin

Tightness on skin
Dull, no radiance
Thin skin and pores are hardlyseen
Saggy cheek, may have wrinkles
Easy to have wrinkles

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