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Diana's European Skin Care opened their doors in 1992 as a boutique facility that offers the latest skin care procedures. Diana and her staff pride themselves on making each client have a personalized experience with visible results.

#35 Bio Dynamic Face Lifting Mask

#35 Bio Dynamic Face Lifting Mask.jpg
#35 Bio Dynamic Face Lifting Mask.jpg

#35 Bio Dynamic Face Lifting Mask


Stimulates, promotes, accelerates and restores renewal of cells. Gives the skin a soft, healthy look. Prevents and slows down aging of the skin.

Active Ingredients:

Hydroviton: Regulates the moisture content of the skin

Liposomes: transporters of active ingredients; increases the oxygen exchange and stimulates regeneration of the skin.

Natural Extracts of Horse Chestnut: Regulates the peripheral blood circulation.

Extracts of Fresh Cells: Rich in DNA and RNA accelerating renewal of skin cells

Natural Extract of Chamomile: Softening, healing and soothing effects

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